Axminster Carpets

Timeless Elegance... Thats what a custom-design Axminster carpet contributes to  your ambiance.


Unlimited colour and design possibilities allow your creativity to flow without restraint.


Up to 11 custom colours in any one carpet give the flexibility to produce designs with pattern clarity and a definition that create the exact feeling you want for any part of your establishment. From a narrow corridor to a large ballroom, the carpet will reflect your vision for each individual project.


For high traffic areas of your hotel, casino, theatre, restaurant or other commercial facility, elegance alone is not enough. The woven construction of an Axminster carpet creates durability and appearance retention that stand the test of time, and the wool offers superior soil and stain resistance.


We manufacture our custom woven Axminster carpets on high-tech electronic jacquard looms in 100% virgin wool or 80% virgin wool and 20% anti-static nylon in up to 11 custom colours.  We offer between 7 and 11 rows per inch with a fixed pitch of 7 per inch.  We can customise the width unto 13' 2" and the weft is available in jute or polypropylene.  As such our carpets are suitable for a myriad of contract environments.  We can meet any of your specifications or we can assist you in specifying your carpet.