Office Space

 AW Carpets will provide you with the best services while selecting and installing the most suitable carpets for your office space. While choosing the carpet for your office space several factors play an important role such as decor, furniture, location of the office, number of people in the office etc. If the office space is not wide enough, the light colored carpets will be more suitable as it will give the feeling of wideness. If the number of employees in the office are only fewer, then you can choose the light carpets with less thickness. This will save your money and the carpets will took many years to expire. If the number of employees is greater and the traffic in the office space is too much, then you should always use the tough and double thick carpets with dark colors. The dark colored carpets will absorb most of the dust and other spots etc and will not look dirty. The double thickness will provide the longer life.


You should always use the padding below the carpets in your office space. It will increase the life of your carpets and will give you the more convenience and comfort while walking.


AW Carpets, provide you various designs and qualities for your office space like Plush carpets, Texture Carpets, Frieze carpets etc. The plush carpets are usually inexpensive and are usually used in homes and apartments. But you can use these plush carpets in your office, if you have very little traffic and fewer employees. You can find these carpets in any color but these are usually single colored.


The textured carpets give a textured or richer look. The appearance of vacuum marks and footprints is reduced. So this is suitable for the medium size offices with more number of employees. The texture carpets are usually more expensive than the standard plush carpets.


The frieze carpet is very elegant carpet style having tufts that are tightly twisted. These are very durable and highly resistant to the vacuum marks and footprints. These are available in the variety of colors. You can use these carpets for more than 20 years, if cared properly. These carpets are very suitable for the large organizations.


There are many other types of carpets for the office space. For complete details always contact us through the phone or website contact us form