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Reception Area Carpets

The Reception Area is the most used space in your office and as such will encounter the most traffic. These carpets tend to get worn out very quickly and must be replaced periodically. Given that the carpet would have to be replaced time and again, one would easily be tempted to use cheap heavy carpeting but it must not be forgotten that with choosing the proper Reception carpet you are also setting the first impression for you potential client and AW Carpets lets you do just that with high quality, wear resistant carpets.


Broad Loom Nylon and Olefin Carpets are best suited for the task and readily available at AW Carpets in different colours and designs but are most recommended in dark somber colours that give the area a disciplined feel as well as provide a comfortable ride in.


AW Carpets also has Modular Carpet Tiles which are ideal for the Reception Area. These small pieces, usually in tiles but also available in other shapes, fit together on the floor and enable you to remove and replace the pieces that have gone through the most wear. Offering a cheaper alternative and ability to improvise with different shapes, pieces and colour, the Modular Carpet Tile is fast becoming a client favourite.