Safety Carpets & Flooring

One person slips in every 3 minutes, according to a survey. Some places and enviroments need the safety flooring to avoid the slipping and to comply with the health laws. The non slip carpet is also known as marine carpet.These health laws say that the walking should be non slippery and safe. Some examples of these places and enviroment is the hospitals, dentist rooms, kitchens, changing rooms, toilet areas, physician rooms and surgeory rooms. These are the places where high floor safety and proper hygiene is required.

So it is very important that you have the right and practical floor covering in your premises. It should comply with all the safety and health guidelines. The floor covering and carpets should be easy to walk on and non slippery. We, AW carpets, provide a huge range of floor coverings that are in accordance with the health and safety guidelines and you can use them in your premises where required.

We can provide you the high quality, non-slip vinyl flooring at the affordable prices. This is the best suitable flooring for the hospitals.

We have several other varieties and qualities in the stock. We can also provide you with pure polypropylene carpets for the indoor and outdoor uses. These non slip carpets are specially designed for the marine(marine carpet), heavy duty and non slip applications. These carpets have heavy ribbed finishing, that provides the good grip in the wet environment. These non slip polypropylene carpets are very useful in the ramps, decks, stairs and entranceways.

We have only discussed the few types and applications of non slip carpets and vinyl flooring like marine carpet. You can always contact us if you need any type of non slip carpets and flooring for your specific needs. Our highly experienced experts will hear about your requirements and will give you the best suggestions and options to choose from.


for more information of safety flooring please see Polyflor