Lifestyles – Dining Room Carpets


Compared to the Sitting Room, the Dining Room does not encounter the same amount of traffic but it is definitely more than what the carpet in your Bedroom will experience. This setting is best suited to medium wear carpets with a soft underlay for overall comfort.


The Dining Room may be different from other settings because it has much more functionality but it still has room for individuality and expression. As such AW Carpets has wide variety of Carpets and Decorative Rugs on offer in Loop, Twist and Velvet Pile, most suited to this situation.


With two to three daily meals, as well as having guests over for dinner, the carpet in the dining room will always be in risk of damage, both physical and aesthetic, from spillages, more so than in any other room in the house. According to taste and style, a darker colour may be opted for which makes it easier to wash out and hide stains, but the option to go for a rug, much cheaper to replace than the carpet itself, may also help you minimize the damage.


Loop, twist and velvet pile carpets are ideally suited for the many feet passing by daily. Be assured that no matter what option you go for, AW Carpets will have the answer.