Lifestyles – Hall, Stairs & Landing Carpets

Home decor is incomplete without well-suited hall, stairs, and landing carpets. People usually opt for dark colours when choosing carpets for these areas like red, maroon, and blue. The right texture and colour allows you to have a carpet that not only looks exquisite but also meets your requirements. AW Carpets Ltd. offers high quality carpets for these areas, which can enhance the interior of your house.


In some homes, the stairway is enclosed and in others, it is located in a visible area like in the living room. Choose a carpet for your stairs that will look good in that specific area. A beautifully made carpet can hide the flaws present in stairways and they can also improve safety, especially if you have small kids at home. Some carpets are designed to cover both the riser and the floor. Before choosing carpet for your stairway, keep these points in mind.


At AW Carpets Ltd. you will be able to find landing carpets in materials like nylon, polyester, and olefin. These materials are ideal for specific applications. For high traffic areas, nylon works best. Olefin carpets can be used if you like to clean your carpets frequently. This material also resists fading and is therefore perfect for areas where high traffic is anticipated.


The style of your hall can be enhanced by using an elegant and well-designed carpet. If your floor is of dark colour, you must choose a light carpet. Printed carpets look good only if the furnishings complement that design. You can also choose the carpet first and then shop for upholstery, curtains, and lighting equipment.        


Buying a carpet from AW Carpets Ltd. is very simple and straightforward. Keep in mind all your requirements and preferences and our staff will come up with the best design for your hall, stairs, and landing.