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We stock a big range of carpets including twist carpets. There's a big range of colours, designs and styles available that are all durability and resilience. When you use tightly twisted yarns in a cut pile construction you basically get a really nice textured twist pile. This is the idea product for a room that has lots of traffic.


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In our showroom we can show you a wide range of samples from many different manufactures. This type of carpet is ideal for the home and office. We all know how important carpet and flooring is don't we.


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If you are shopping around for a new carpet it's definitely worth your time to contact us as we sell a lot of these are can give you a really good price. We can show you many different carpet samples and quality that you would expect from the likes of Navan Carpets.




All our work is carried out by professionals and we take pride in our work. You can rest assured that when we are installing that everything will be done quickly and professional standards.



Wool Twist Carpet is usually sold in an 80/20 wool/polypropylene content but can also be bought as a 50/50 or as a 20/80, but usually the better quality wool carpets are 80/20.


the quality of an 80/20 wool twist carpets is usually measured in weight and usually measured in ounces. A 80/20 wool twist carpet usually starts at a 30oz which is medium domestic, most 80/20's have a 40oz pile weight, which is heavy domestic and paired with a quality underlay will last a very long time. 50oz, 60oz, 70oz is also available within certain carpet ranges but it is not necessarily better quality, just a longer pile. If looking for stair carpet, lounge, hallway etc. then a 40oz pile weight is more than adequate.


Wool carpets usually come in 4 and 5 metre widths and can be bought in a plain colour or with a fleck, which usually means there are a few colours mixed into the body of the carpet to give it a heathered effect.


When considering wool carpets, you should always choose a practical colour as well as the quality, as with 3 dogs, 4 kids and a messy husband a cream plain carpet will probably not even last looking new a few days, so your carpet colour should also reflect your lifestyle, if it gets a lot of traffic go for a twist pile like a triple twist berber carpet or a dark colour, which will avoid displaying every mark.