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Vinyl Flooring

One of the most recent innovations in domestic flooring, luxury vinyl provides plenty of impact, both in style and performance. 100% waterproof and available in a multitude of wood, stone and ceramic styles

Constructed from high-grade virgin PVC to ensure quality and consistency, luxury vinyl floors feature a highly detailed and accurate décor layer sandwiched between a durable, comfortable and stable base and resilient textured surface layer. The end result is a realistic and durable surface that requires little maintenance. Thanks to being completely waterproof, luxury vinyl is great in areas such as wet rooms and bathrooms.

Luxury vinyl can achieve a great variety of looks, from traditional rustic oak to pure whites. Luxury vinyl can replicate any natural material without the specialist maintenance or installation worries they often bring.

With the fast and easy fitting that comes with click system installation, luxury vinyl is an ideal DIY solution.

Simply maintained, spills are easily wiped away leaving a hygienic floor surface that will stay looking great even in busy areas of the home. The only caveat is that click system luxury vinyl should be not used in conservatories where direct exposure to sunlight can contribute to higher levels of experienced expansion and contraction.