AW Carpets Privacy Policy

AW Carpets, respects the privacy of all the visitors of our website. We think that is really important to tell our visitors how we use the information that we collect from our website visitors.

Our Security Policy:

  • AW Carpets does NOT use cookies. Cookies are often used by some websites to personalize the site according to the visitors needs. Cookies are tiny files that are stored on the local drive of the site visitor which remember the last visit, name and some other info of the visitor
  • AW Carpets does collect personal information like full name, email address, address and phone number. This collected data is only used to do the business with our visitors and is never shared with any other company or organization. This data is never used for any other commercial purpose.
  • AW Carpets contacts and responds to the visitors who contact us through email inquiring about our different products and services. The information that is submitted to AW Carpets, in the emails, is only used to respond to the specific purpose that is specified in the email of the sender.
  • AW Carpets does not share, release or sell the information to any third party that is collected from our visitors through our website. All the information that is collected is only used to provide the proper service to our customers. This information may also be used to improve our services, products and website.
  • AW Carpets reserve the right to alter this privacy policy at any time. The site visitors can always check this page for any changes in our privacy policy. This privacy policy is specific only to this website.

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