For three decades our Dublin based company have custom designed quality carpets for leading chains, casinos, theatres and restaurants throughout Ireland and the UK. We work closely with leading design and manufacturing company Imperial Carpets to provide an elite design experience for our clients using Axminster and Wilton carpets. Our carpets are designed to meet the desires and needs of the international hospitality industry.

At AW Carpets our carpets & service represent our core values: customer centred approach, design excellence, and superior product quality. Dublin Based AW Carpets Ltd prides itself on being one of the market leaders in Ireland today. We are committed to ensure the highest standards of service with our dedicated and experienced professionals.

We provide :

  • The highest quality at very affordable prices
  • Flexibility
  • An in-house design department. The possibility of producing any design using up to eleven colours. We work closely with your designers and produce free laser design prints and sample colour and design
  • Fast production times
  • The possibility of different and custom widths which minimises wastage and reduces installation time
  • We have the CE mark ensuring that our carpets are always manufactured under the European regulations
  • We comply with international fire regulations
  • We can meet any of your technical specifications and also assist you in specifying your carpet.