Residential Carpets

AW Carpets are the premier supplier of axminster, wilton and tufted carpet to the residential market in Ireland.

Our residential collection offers you a large range of designs and colour tones to suit both traditional and modern interiors. If you want to choose the best residential carpets for your home or apartment, from AW Carpets, then you must keep following points in your mind:

  • The carpets must look brilliant and beautiful when installed in your house.
  • You must consider that for what type of floor space you want to buy the residential carpets. If you think that the traffic volume in your flooring space will be high, then you must choose the type of carpets that can bear that much volume load. For your bedrooms and bathrooms where the traffic will be lower, you can choose the softer carpets.
  • The color of residential carpets must be matching with the interior of your home. For example the color of your walls etc. The person coming in your home and rooms must feel comfortable with the colors of your carpets. You can choose different colors for your different rooms.

The importance of the padding that is done beneath your carpets is very important. It increases the overall look of your carpets and also increases the life of your residential carpets. Also you will feel more comfortable when you have the right padding beneath your residential carpets. Special under-cushions are available for this purpose that gives the extra padding and increases the comfort. AW Carpets Ltd. has been offering fine quality, branded residential carpets in Ireland for a decade now.

We offer complete labor and materials guarantee for quality and service. Two of our best selling residential carpet types are broadloom and rugs. Broadloom: These carpets are made up of pure wool or polypropylene. These are usually made in the 400cm of width. These carpets in the velvet are very famous and are available in all types of modern and classical designs. Rugs: In the area of rugs, you can find the carpets made up of polypropylene, wool and also with mixed stuff. You can get all types of classical, modern and contemporary designs in these carpets. You can order these rugs in any color, shape and design. For complete variety of our residential carpets you can contact us. We will be glad to listen to you and will give you the best advice.

Our Residential Carpets Catalogue