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Bespoke Wool Axminster Carpet that offers you the freedom of exclusive design. or call us on 01 426 4872 

AW Carpets Ltd., the one stop shop for the manufacture of Bespoke Wool Axminster Carpets.

Our team of experts are here to guide you from your initial call, and will work closely with you throughout the design and manufacture process of your Bespoke Wool Axminster Carpet.

With over 30  years experience and an extensive portfolio of satisfied clients, you are in safe hands with our team of  professional installers.  We have a great business relationship with our clients, and have manufactured, supplied and fit Bespoke Axminster carpets to many hotels in Ireland and the UK.

Whatever your design, we will work closely with you to make your vision become reality.

Design & Manufacturing
  • AW Carpets Ltd. specialists of Bespoke Wool Axminster Carpets, we offer a custom width manufacturing and design service, with the option of up to eleven custom colours and between seven and eleven rows per inch.
  • For corridors, we can custom manufacture your carpet to your exact width.
  • Bespoke Carpet design eliminates restriction to 1m, 2m & 4m widths that involve substantial and costly waste.  
  • Custom design, gives our clients the freedom to manufacture any corridor width to their desired specification.  
Unique Advantages of Bespoke Design
  • Exclusive and one of a kind designs.
  • Reduces the quantity of carpet required, this provides substantial savings to our clients. 
  • Multi Widths can be manufactured for larger areas like ballrooms, restaurants and bars etc.
  • Custom widths span the exact area and virtually eliminate wastage.   

Our team of professional fitters have extensive experience in fitting Bespoke Wool Axminster Carpets.  

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